As you can see we have just launched our web site introducing PEARL Clean Energy to a much wider audience. Whilst the seeds of the idea for PEARL were sown many years ago, it was only in November 2017 the founders of the company started discussions with a view to creating a “new energy” business. Here in Australia the renewable energy sector is largely focussed on photovoltaic solar generation and to a lesser extent  wind energy. This of course ignores the more traditional hydro power prevalent in certain parts of the country eg Tasmania.

The immediate challenge for any young company is to create a credible revenue stream and move as quickly as possible to a positive cash flow. For PEARL it is no different and we are spending a large part of our time developing a supply chain, building lasting relationships with development partners and meeting customers with a view to developing a pipeline of projects and developments. Whilst the risk profile of renewable energy projects is somewhat smaller than we are used to as individuals, PEARL takes these projects very seriously and puts the strength of our collective experience in developing major and mega projects for the energy sector to full use. It is this aspect of our approach combined with the application of innovative technologies which will start to differentiate the company from others operating in the sector today.

Our focus today in building the development pipeline will be to use a combination of solar PV with high value storage systems to satisfy customers in their search for clean, reliable and competitively priced energy. Whilst there is a lot of worthy attention being paid to a reduction of emissions we have noted that customers still demand cost effective and reliable solutions. Our aim is to satisfy all of these conditions.

In order to provide these solutions there are a number of regulatory hurdles we have to manage and these will be ticked off and reported on our web site over the coming months. There is a lot of competition in the new energy sector with companies bringing innovative products and approaches to a landscape which is rapidly changing across the planet. Our ability to adapt to the changes will be another focus area for the company to ensure we remain relevant with compelling value propositions.

If you have a challenge in providing power for your projects, whatever that challenge is we may be able to help. Whatever industry you are in, we may be able to help – please give us a call or drop us a note and we will respond to all enquiries within 48 hours. We are here to build capability and capacity to meet your challenges in the power sector by offering both “new energy” and hybrid solutions.

Stephen Rogers

7 June 2018