Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Values

Our Vision

To be an Asia Pacific leader, powering the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Our Mission

To enable, develop and produce clean, affordable and reliable energy for industry, commerce and communities.

Our Values

At Pearl Clean Energy our values shape the culture and drive the way things are done. We have four core values known as VAST which summarise what we believe in and how we work.

Value: in all its aspects is considered in everything we do. Core to this value based ethos is:

  • Delivery against commitments
  • A strong performance ethic
  • A professional and wholistic focus
  • Not singly focussed on the lowest cost

Agile: In a rapidly changing world where nothing stands still we can change, adapt, be flexible and nimble in our delivery and financing approaches.

Safety, Health & Environment: We value the guardianship of the environment for future generations and the safekeeping of people above everything else. Together with social considerations for local communities, the health and welfare of our stakeholders are always considered.

Thoughtful: We respect all parties we deal with and give everyone a fair go. We act with integrity by being open, honest and fair. We innovate and use creative thinking to provide the best value solutions for our customers. We THINK before we ACT.