Our Business

By adopting a partnering model, built on our experience in more traditional parts of the energy industry, we are able to access funds and bring state of the art experience to the development of our solar generation systems. Initially we are focussing our efforts on mid scale systems of the order 10 -100MW in capacity but with the potential to scale up to larger systems.

Not only do we partner with other development and energy companies but we are motivated to partner with our customers, communities and land owners. Whilst we are initially focussed on solar generation, a natural effort for us being based in Western Australia, we are also seeking opportunities in wind, storage and other advanced technologies.

With many of our people having a strong background in the offshore industry we can bring innovative approaches to offshore wind generation systems and marine energy applications such as wave and tidal.

Using innovative financing approaches PEARL can provide electricity under PPAs for short or long term solutions. Our focus is on:

  • On-Grid Solutions
  • Commerce
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Off-Grid Solutions