Our Technologies

Technological advancement is accelerating at an ever increasing pace and no less so than in the new energy industry. Through its partnering arrangements and internal research team PEARL aims to be ahead of the field in providing innovative and cost competitive solutions to energy problems across Asia Pacific.

Building on decades of experience in the engineering design, fabrication and installation of offshore structures for the oil and gas industry PEARL is seeking to commercialise technologies in the wave, tidal and wind sectors for its energy opportunities.

Installability and survivability are two of the missing keys in the commercialisation of both wave and tidal technologies and PEARL has assembled a team to tackle these issues and bring some of its concepts to early application.

Acknowledging the widespread use of Lithium Ion technologies in battery systems, PEARL believes  this technology and other proven technologies need to be selected as appropriate for the application.

Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (V-RFBs) offer an improved life of project valuation for larger grid and industrial scale applications with warranties offered for over 20,000 cycles by some manufacturers.

PEARL is building relationships with some of the primary VRFB manufacturers around the world with a view to adopting this technology for its larger scale projects with life cycles in excess of 20 to 30 years.